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Included in All Memberships

Simple Buy Now Buttons

Simple Buy Now Buttons allow you to sell your items from anywhere:

  1. Your Facebook page
  2. Your website
  3. Your emails
  4. Wherever Your Imagination Takes You

Video example of Buy Now Button and Facebook

It’s a fast, easy way to sell your products or services online

WordPress Plugin

You will find our WordPress plug in the WordPress catalog of plugins. Just search for NiftyBuyButton. The plugin makes it simple and easy to add the Buy Now Buttons to your WordPress blog.

NO Worries

You don’t need an SSL Security Certificate on your site. You don’t need to meet the stringent PCI (Payment Card Industry) certification. It’s all handled for you. ALSO, your customers are protected from identity theft, which is a concern for a lot of people. You don’t NEED to have security scans of your website for PCI certification.

We Make it Easy for You to Accept Credit Cards

When you sign up for NiftyCart you are automatically ready to accept credit cards. Your online sales are automatically sent to your bank account. When you have your first sale you will receive an email with a link so you can set up your bank information so the money will be sent. Normally, your money is sent the next day to your bank account

Automatic Sales Tax by State

When your customer is checking out, we process the zip code, or postal code in Canada, to automatically fill in the City and State or Province. At the same time, if the purchaser is in your Sales Tax state, we calculate and display the sales tax to them prior to completing checkout. It’s part of our Easy Checkout process that reduces abandoned carts.

No Website or Blog Needed

You can be selling online even if you don’t have a website or blog. NiftyCart make it simple to sell your products on:

  • Twitter – just send a tweet with a picture and a link your Buy Now button. Simple
  • Facebook Timeline – Just paste information we give you in your Facebook Timeline and BAM! Your selling on Facebook
  • Facebook Page – You can have your entire catalog with all your items as part of your Facebook page. It take a few steps to set up, but once done you are ready

Mobi Toolkit

You can feel comfortable knowing that if you customer is shopping for your items on a mobile device they will look great. As you may or may not know, more people are shopping on mobile devices than on desktops. That means that being mobile friendly is crucial to your success.

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Email Order Notification

You will be notified by email when an order is placed for one or more of your items so you can take whatever actions are necessary to complete the order.

Included in Basic Membership and Higher

NiftyCart Basic Membership is designed for people/companies that have up to 20 products they offer. This also includes the ability to offer digital downloads and have a full catalog they can add to their website or Facebook Page.


Your Own Catalog

The catalog displays all your items in a page, so your customers can browse and purchase items easily.

Use it:

  1. In your Facebook page
  2. On your WordPress blog
  3. On your website
  4. Or, just have a link to our site to display your catalog

You don’t need to have a website to sell online successfully

Email Footer Message

You can use the email receipt that’s automatically sent to your customer in several different ways. For example, you can:

  • Add a message thanking the customer for the order
  • Add a coupon in the receipt to entice them back to make another purchase
  • Add a special offer for one of your products based on the product your customer just purchased. If, for example, they just purchased Product A, you can send a special offer for Product B
  • Add a link to a survey to get feedback from your customer

This is not an exhaustive list, but will give you some food for thought.

EZ Ship

If you ship your product and collect payment for shipping, you will find that setting up shipping calculations is very straight forward. You can create as many different shipping options as you want to offer. Each option, like USPS, Fedex, International Shipping, etc. has it’s own calculation based on weight

Digital Downloads

If you sell digital products, like MP3s, PDFs, MP4s, software you will find that our digital downloads is the answer you are looking for. Once your customer completes the checkout process, we send them a link to download the product in the email receipt. Simple for your customer, easy for you.

Catalog Item Options

You can set up groups of options, like colors, sizes, materials, etc. that can be added to each of your catalog items. You can create what we call Option Groups. For example, you might have an option group of colors and within that Option Group you could have as many colors as you have available for your products. You can have as many Option Groups as you need to give your customers what they are looking for.

Optional Upgrades

You have the option to add 2 options that are included in the NiftyCart Pro membership for an additional fee:

  • QuickBooks Interface
  • Getresponse Interface

Check out the description of these interfaces in the section below.

Included in Pro Membership and Higher

NiftyCart Pro Membership is for companies that are growing and want to automate their business processes and create a closer connection with their customers

Customer Accounts

I don’t know about you, but it drives me crazy when I have to create an account to make a purchase. We make it easy for your customers to create an account, IF THEY WANT TO! When they go through the checkout process your customer sees 1 simple option.

“If you want create an account to speed up future purchases, enter a password in the field below.”

That’s it! If they enter a password they have an account and if the don’t, they don’t.

And, if they create an account it’s more likely that they will be back to purchase!

Save for Later

Shoppers, visitors to your site, frequently start the process of finding products using their smart phone because it’s with them all the time. These same shoppers will frequently want to finish their order on a tablet or PC because it’s easier to enter information on those devices.
That’s why we created “Save for Later”. It makes it easy for your customer to save their order on their phone by just entering their email address, that’s it. It’s easy for your customer.
We send you and your customer an email with what they have in their shopping cart that has been saved with a link to easily complete the purchase. The other advantage of this is you have their email address so if they don’t complete the order in, say, a day, you can send them an email and maybe a coupon, to get them to complete the order

Save order

This is different than “Save for Later”. If your customer creates and account, or already has an account, we give them an option to save the order for later repurchase. So, let’s say you sell air filters. Your customer comes back ever couple of months and want to buy the same filter. If the order is saved, it only take your customer a couple of clicks and their order is on the way. Simple for your customer, profitable for you.


Upsells are powerful magic. Your customer is in a “buying state”. They have just purchased something and if you put something else in front of them there is a high probability they will act.
Let’s say your customer has just purchased Product A. After they finish checkout they are sent to a page promoting Product B or an Option for Product A. When they click the “Buy Now” button on the upsell page the product is automatically added to the original order. Your customer does not have to go through the checkout process again. It’s easy for your customer and a win for you!

QuickBooks Interface

If you are one of the many users of QuickBooks, this interface is for you. It automatically updates your sales and income to your QuickBooks account.
If you are NOT a QuickBooks user, you should seriously consider it because it a very simple way of maintaining your accounting. And, it’s made even simpler with our automatic updating of your sales.

GetResponse Interface

You can use our interface to GetResponse to expand your online presence. GetResponse is a separate service, like QuickBooks, that gives you the ability to create a conversation with your visitors and customers. The interface gives you the ability to add a visitor or customer to a specific email list to send them, for example, a monthly newsletter. This keeps you in front of them so when they are ready to make another purchase you are there.

Chat Code

Giving your customers the ability to chat with you live when they are trying to decide on a product. Your customer can always connect with you whether you are online or off. This can make the difference between getting the sale or NOT.

Included in Enterprise Membership

Coming Soon!

Real Time Shipping Calculations

During checkout your customers can get the cost of shipping directly from the USPS, Fedex, and UPS. You choose which of the shipping companies you want to use and the services that you want to use from that company. For example, you may offer ground shipping and two day, but not Overnight.

Email Footer Message by Product

Based on the item your customer just purchased, you can send them a special footer message in the confirmation email. This gives you the opportunity to up sell or cross sell other items to your customer. Let’s say, for example, your customer purchased a Red Widget. Your footer message could talk about the benefits of Blue Widgets and how that would be a compliment to the Red Widget they just purchased.

Tracking Pixels (Advanced Topic)

If you are using paid advertising on Google, Bing, Facebook and others, you will have tracking pixels that are used to identify when certain actions take place in your catalog items. For example, let’s say you have an ad to a Buy Now Button on your WordPress blog. You can paste the pixel that the advertising company gives you into your catalog item.
Two pixels are possible with each item. One can be used for a “Landing” pixel. This is fired when the item is displayed, but not sold yet. The Second is the “Purchase” pixel and identifies that the item has been purchased.

Source Tracking (advanced topic)

If you are using links to a Buy Now Button or a specific item in your catalog. You can add a tracking code at the end of the URL pointing to the item. The tracking code identifies where the link came from. When the code is received by NiftyCart, it will be added to a tracking file so you can see the effectiveness where you interest and sales are coming from.
This tracking is crucial to the grow of your business. Knowing where your interest and sales are coming from allows you to maximize where you put your attention to placing your links.
You may find, for example, an ad on Google is getting a lot of clicks, but no sales, or few sales. Whereas an ad on Facebook for the same product may be getting fewer clicks, but more sales. That’s how you grow your business.

Concierge Service

You get the ultimate in support with Concierge Service. You have a contact available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and to assist you with any setup or operational questions or challenges you may have.