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Number of products Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
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Transaction fees None None None
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NiftyCart Lite
sell on facebook and chat with your customers on Messenger,add products to any website or blog,and accept credit card payment for only $9 USD per month.

Set up your store NOW, pick a plan later

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General questions

Do you charge a setup fee?

No,there are no setup frees with any of our plans

Do I need to enter my payment information to sign up?

No,you can sign up and use NiftyCart for 15 days without entering your payment information. At the end of your trial, or when you decide to launch your store, you will need to pick a plan and enter your payment information.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes,if you ever decided that NiftyCart isn’t the best ecommerce platform for your business,simply cancel your account.

How long are your contracts?

There is no contract! NiftyCart plans are month to month unless you sign up for an annual or biennial plan.

Do you offer any discounted plans?

Yes, If you choose an Annual Plan you get 2 months free. If you choose a biennial plan you get 6 months free. Both annual an biennial are paid upfront.

Online Questions

Can I use my domain name?

Yes. You can purchase a domain name, or use an existing one that you own. We also provide a free domain name to all stores on sign up..

Are there any bandwidth fees?

Never! All NiftyCart plans include unlimited bandwidth for free.

Do I Need a Webhost?

NiftyCart includes secure, unlimited ecommerce hosting on all plans except NiftyCart Lite. You can also use the Nifty Buy Button to add ecommerce to any existing website.